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Events and Lectures

“Enwalled and En-skinned: Catholicism and gendered transnational migration in Rome”

Saturday 26th of September, 2015: 2- 3 PM
At the Conference “Transnationa(list) Mexico: Displacement, Migration, and Mobility” at the University of Maryland, College Park St. Mary’s Hall
~ Multipurpose Room

"Catholicism, Migration  and the Atlantic Return"

Wednesday, 5th of November 2015: 12-2 PM
Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
University of Indiana,

"Migrant Hearts and the Atlantic Return: Transnationalism and the Roman Catholic Church"

Wednesday 28th of October, 2015: 12-2 PM
Committee for the Study of Religion,
CUNY, 365 5th Ave. Room 5307
New York City

Migrant Hearts

Thursday, November 19th , 2015: 3 PM
(in the Panel)

The Horizon of Religion for Anthropology: at the American Anthropology Association Meeting,
Bolder, Colorado

On an affective Return: Francis, the Criollo Pope

Affect and the Politic of Religious Conviction
(in the Panel)
Sunday 22nd  of November, 2015: 9-11:30 AM
American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting


Other Events of Interest

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